Precocious Performers Package

A show for kids who don’t just want to watch!

Starting at 410$ *prices for teachable tricks vary*

Precocious Performers Magic Show

Does your child love to perform? Then they’ll love having a Professional Magician & her real Live Magic Bunny perform for them & teach them & their guests a few behind the scenes tricks. This package includes one magic give away trick for each child at the end of the show.

For more information contact Special Dayz at 778-233-9921!

Birthday Magic Show

Kids love the Magic Rabbit!


This family friendly show costs 225$ and caters to kids ranging from 4 to 11. But often older kids and adults enjoy watching it too! Presenting visual illusion, mentalist tricks, comedy, and a magic bunny appearance. 

*Kids love visiting the magic bunny after the show!

(If your party needs a sound system an extra 30$ will be added on to your cost of 225$)

Preschool Package


For a small gathering of little tots a simple ‘tots show’ for 155$ is great. This show caters to children as young as 3. Tricks are simple and visual and a magic bunny visit is still included.

If you upgrade to the Preschool Package we charge 235$, add a sing a long, your choice of either a co operative game or craft, and a simple balloon give away (kitty or puppy) for each guest at the end. 


13 + 4 =